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Our Services

Vehicle Breakdown assistance

Should your vehicle be involved in an accident or in any type of Breakdown, Road Angels will arrange for your vehicle to be Towed to the nearest Service Centre or to a Panel Beater of your choice.

Heavy Rescue

On call 24 hours for vehicle recovery of Heavy Vehicles. Our Heavy Haulers can provide rescue for all types of Heavy Vehicles of up to 25 Tonnes.

Equipment Transportation

Our lowbed fleet has the capacity to transport machinery, equipment and vehicles up to a capacity of 80 tonnes.


Key Lock In

Where you have locked in your keys, we will organise for a locksmith to open the vehicle and retrieve the keys. If spare keys are available, we will arrange for their pickup and delivery within the specified radius.
Car shape keyring and remote control key in vehicle interior
Person in car repair shop applying positive and negative clamps of battery load tester to accumulator unit

Flat Battery

For those incidents when your battery is flat, we will jump start your vehicle and get you moving in no time.

Message Transmission

Road Angels will relay urgent messages of your delay or changed arrangements to a nominated family member or business colleague at your request.
Smiling african american customer care representative working with headset in office. Beautiful black woman telemarketing agent working in call center. Call center agent with headset makinga video call with client.

Accident Management Service

We help you deal with the police report, ambulance, routes, panel beaters, garage, mechanical report and vehicle valuation. This includes free vehicle storage of up to 30 days.

Flat Tyre

In the event of you getting a flat tyre and not having a spare one at hand we will arrange for a spare to be delivered to you and have you back on the road. We will also assist with a tyre change as and when needed.
Car repairman wearing a white uniform standing and holding a wrench that is an essential tool for a mechanic

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