Emergency Call

+263 772 122 122


Yes they can, we are accredited by Certain insurance companies and Roadside ASSISTANCE companies mostly in South Africa whose members can access our service in the same manner as if they were home, one needs to check with their service provider before they travel into Zimbabwe.
Just fill in the form available here with all their details and they can come in and pay the membership fees, or our memberships team can get in touch with them if you provide their details.
Our average response time is 30 minutes. We will however strive to attend to our clients in the shortest time possible, Road Angels is continually trying to beat its own records in terms of response time.
Once purchased, we will send you your membership email which contains all the information required to access the service. We provide your emergency contact phone number upon activation of your membership. Upon your vehicle becoming disabled simply call the number and read your registration number and and you will be attended to.
Any vehicle up to a 2 tonne pickup or motorcycle can be covered in our policy. Each policy only covers one vehicle. Currently our coverage will cover vehicles or motorcycle based on year, make, model and mileage.
Anyone can purchase the service. The service is attached to your vehicle and as long as the vehicle you drive meets our mileage and age criteria found in our terms and conditions, then service will be available.
4 service calls on angel basic 8 calls on supreme.
Without a phone there is no way to contact our emergency service support. This is a must to take full advantage of the services.

For any complaints or compliments please feel free to dial our Marketing Angel on +263 772 122 122 or e-mail us at info@roadangels.info, or dial our numbers at 04-334318.